Gum Treatment

Gum Grafts

Periodontal diseases are bacterial infections that attack and destroy tissues that surround and support teeth. 90% of people will have a periodontal disease once in their life. Gums and bone are affected in various degrees. In most cases, those diseases are painless and the damage is gradual. Only your dentist can diagnose their presence during your dental exams. Treatment can differ; deep cleaning with local anesthesia, bone or gum transplant or bone remodeling. Afterwards, regular cleaning is recommended to maintain stable oral health.

Deep Cleaning

The sub-gingival curettage is a procedure used to remove plaque and tartar that forms in deep periodontal pocket. This intervention involves a careful cleansing and smoothing of tooth root surfaces in order to eliminate any existing bacterial toxins; it is performed under simple local anesthesia, in the comfort of your dentist’s office.

Following sub-gingival curettage, no further treatment is required for most patients, but patients will need to adhere to a continuous maintenance treatment in order to maintain good oral health.

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