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Children Dentistry

At Dentiste Du Plateau we make prevention our first priority when it comes to children oral health . Good dental hygiene habits which are acquired at an early age will lead to good oral health throughout their adulthood.

It is recommended that the first dental exam of a child be in the first year of age. This familiarizes the child with the dental environment and to the proper hygiene measures that parents should follow at home. At their appointment, the team will ensure the child is comfortable and enjoys their visit to the dentist. The dentist will perform an oral exam, review brushing techniques along with dietary habits.

Dental Tips For Children

children dentistry

• It is very important that the parent brush and floss the teeth of their child up until 8 years of age. They are of course shown and taught how to do it alone and should, but a parent has to go over it before or after.

• If it is your child’s first visit to the dentist, you can read a book with them or watch a video about visiting the dentist beforehand. Also prior to their appointment, we would be happy to offer the parents and child a tour of the clinic to meet the team and to put the child at ease.

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